Clogged toilet: plunger, resident charge

Clogged sink: plunger resident charge

Garbage disposal if you still have: reset red button on bottom of disposal

Clogged sink because you put food down if with no disposal: plunge, pull, shop vac. This is a resident charge.

Dishwasher holding water: turn to drain

Washer holding water: turn to drain

Toilet not flushing or filling up: open bank tank lid make sure chain not stuck under flapper. If so remove it from under flap, or self-flush if chain is broke and submit work order online.

Know where your emergency shut offs are.
This at turns should be checked my Maintenance: make sure works on all places and not corroded. If so replace before move in.

Breaker box: check it: flip if needed

Plugs: make sure no gfci tripped

Better descriptions on work orders:
Example :
Toilet not working will be closed out. This is too vague and not enough info.

Toilet tank seems cracked and water is coming out the right side of the tank, I have shut off water to the toilet (better describes issue and why it's not working) This work order is correct.

Leak: place bucket or bowl under leak. if more than a 5-gallon bucket can hold before next day business this is emergency. If a Thursday night: will be fine until Friday. Do not call just out in work order.

If this will fill up Thursday night before Friday business then this is emergency call

If this bucket will fill up over a weekend meaning this leak in is Friday at 5:00 call emergency this doesn't need to wait.

Batteries smoke detectors: residents responsibility after move in

Broken blinds: residents responsibility after move in.

Key getting stuck: Spray some wd40 in key hole :
Put in Maintenance request if this doesn't work.

Screen on window: not required unless Section 8.

Petch units: lots of condensation . Don't assume mold. Sometimes it's mildew. Know the difference. Wash out filter let dry for 24 hours (like a vacuum filter) put back in once dry. You can use this while the 24 hours are going.

See ants: buy Terro
Put in pest control request and pest control will come at next treatment schedule IF your property participates, if not pest control will be at your expense. (mainly personal homes)