After 9 years of honing our craft, taking pride and pleasure with every step. Turn Key Property Management can make the goal attainable for our clients. Whether single-family dwellings or multi-unit complexes, our experienced owner/property manager is an Indiana- licensed real estate broker who thrives under the pressure of challenge, having managed 350 homes and apartment complexes as large as 445 units. We have yet to be met with a challenge we aren't eager to conquer.

We manage day-to-day operations with an underlying motivation to guide property owners in preserving and increasing the value of their real estate investments, and this begins with marketing strategies to bring in only the most qualified tenants. From advertising, lead follow-up, and showings, to running credit and criminal background checks and deposit collection, we handle every part of the process. We develop and execute rental agreements, collect rents and fees, enforce agreement terms, resolve tenant issues, and oversee eviction proceedings. We also require all renters to maintain rental insurance for the lease duration as an additional means to protect your investment.

Our knowledgeable maintenance supervisor has been with the company since the beginning and oversees remodeling/flipping projects for which we pull all necessary permits from county offices. We perform regular property inspections and coordinate with on-hand maintenance staff to quickly resolve emergency and non-emergency work orders. In addition, we negotiate contracts with local vendors and maintain close relationships with trusted contractors. Handling and paying invoices monthly has strengthened these relationships and guaranteed us some of the very best pricing available. Financial records of property operations are closely maintained and reports are generated monthly, helping to keep an open dialogue with owners concerning vacancies, tenants, strategies, etc. We also handle year-end close-out with the accounting firm of the owner's choice.

Extended Specialty Services

  • Brokerage company in Indiana and Kentucky.
  • Due Diligence Service
  • Acquisitions
  • Consulting in the United States
  • Asset Management
  • Receiverships